This is my perspective on caring for other human beings from my Kapal-Kapal – cultural and spiritual heritage passed by the stories I heard from my Kuthara-Kalkara.

They were my educational dreaming way. This cultural wisdom and knowledge melts my heart. My Yapu taught me the meaning of respect by placing it in the context of Kuthara-Kalkara.

It is also about my Kaya – learning how to care for those we respect, through daily small acts of  are like a hot cuppa or some mending or washing.

My story is about my Papatu and Mukutul too. Belief in their ethical, spiritual and native values to my Yapu even before his birth.

I was raised and immersed in showers of spiritual blessings.

Kapal-Kapal – old people • Kuthara-Kalkara – family • Yapu – father
Kaya – mother • Papatu – paternal grandfather, also maternal grandmother
Mukutul – paternal grandmother 


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