My Yapu was reared by his Karrawalanj and his uncle’s Nupa after the death of his Kaya.

He grew to become a dedicated Kamparta and Yapu who adhered to his strong cultural integrity and respect as a descendant of his Muruwari culture and Nation.

My spiritual belief is that this beautiful young Mukinj – my Mukutul – knew her own destiny and her position in her clan from her age-old cultural ties and obligations, values and practices handed down from her elders.

My thinking is that she would have been prepared by the Kapal-Kapal, for passing on the love that even today keeps us proud and strong.

Her death simply transferred those values directly to her Kantil, my Yapu. And he passed that love to his Kuthara-Kuthara.

Yapu – father • Karrawalanj – mother’s brother (uncle) • Nupa – wife • Kaya – mother Kamparta – husband • Mukinj – Aboriginal woman • Mukutul – paternal grandmother Kapal-Kapal – old people • Kantil – little baby son • Kuthara-Kuthara – children


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