The seed further spread from the tangible love of his mother once she saw and held her newly born child who arrived on the 3rd July 1911.

My heart breaks when I think about my Mukutul’s life as a young Kaya and her Pipi, her first and only Kuthara.

I can almost see her, cradling her Kantil in her soft, warm arms, cooing the songs he had already heard time and time again while still in the womb and I can almost hear her talking to her newborn in her own Muruwari language.

Sadly, they would only get to spend seven weeks and four days together; the Pipi’s Kaya passed away from a chronic disease of the heart on 25th August 1911. She was only 19.

Mukutul – paternal grandmother • Kaya – mother • Pipi – baby • Kuthara – child
Kantil – little baby son


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