Olgas Story

My limited edition book, “Olga’s Story” was launched at Back “O” Bourke Gallery on Friday 15th of April 2016, before a gathering of about eighty people.

A grassroots perspective of life, determination and cultural perseverance.

As a child, I learnt from my illiterate parents just how important formal education would be to me for a better future

As an Aboriginal woman from outback N.S.W. I intuitively knew I needed and wanted to be effective in a fast-paced white mans’ world.

My grassroots dreaming is for change and for a better future for Aboriginal people.

My message is this: We aboriginal people can be strong and powerful and have a say in this great country.

We can teach others a new way, our way but we need to be equipped through formal education so then our message is understood by all.


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