One’s feelings belongs to you, the individual. It is important to realize the feelings at the time of a marrinj, sadness, or life’s uncertainties of not doing so well.

Be wise, be strong and be the best you can be for you. Seek support if the uncertainties remain and understand support is always readily available and understand that grief is love and love is grief.

From grief the love of someone or something that is dear to you carries the same feeling that is equivalent to love.

It’s alright to let the ngawarl flow, it’s enriching our ngayin, soul and mind, and our health and wellbeing. Always be mindful that others care and understand.

Know that you are loved.

mayi – earth, ground, a person’s country where he belongs
parra – to ascend or rise up • marrinj – illness
ngawarl – tears • ngayin – body


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