Little is known of the origins of my Papatu and Mukutul.

I find myself bursting with pride knowing that my Mukutul marriage was under Aboriginal Law.

I feel the love, respect and understanding of my Aboriginal heritage.

It is an irony that the only official document of my Mukutul is her death certificate, which displays her Aboriginal Muruwari Ancestry and her Yapu and Kaya – my great Papatu and Mukutul.

She married her Kurrampaanj, also Muruwari, at age 19 in 1907 on the property of Dennawan, in the Bourah community on the Ngarntu, some 20km upstream of Weilmoringle in New South Wales.

This information would have possibly been provided by my Ngamanj-Ngamanji herself.

Papatu – paternal grandfather, also maternal grandmother •

Mukutul – paternal grandmother Yapu – father •

Kaya – mother •

Kurrampaanj – partner, also husband Ngarntu – Culgoa River •

Ngamanj-Ngamanji – maternal grandmother


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