Spirit of the Lednapper - 3 of 8

Muruwari country, Thurri bursting with amazing
mysteries of colourful wildflowers

With the visit to places like the Lednapper it made it even more exciting.

You began to understand
just what an adventure like this was with such mysteries of nature’s best offerings, and just how many
of these plants unfolded in and among people’s real life experiences.
I am automatically taken back into days gone by, way before our time, and what the experience
was like for the people? One can only surmise what may have been left behind.
No doubt many footprints would have criss-crossed over this Muruwari country, and the beauty
of such an undertaking was the remembering of my kaya, aunt, murra, kuthama and kathara connection
and belonging to the Grimes, Johnsons, and Wests, dancing in the softness of the red sandy soil,
wearing headpieces made from the wildflowers picked along the way going back
to Old Gerara Springs. Memories are beautiful.

Thurri – sun, sunshine, kaya – mother, murra – sisters, kuthama – cousins, kathara – family
Image: Jenny Greentree


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