Aboriginal Law was simply kept by the Kuru-Kuru.

They knew that one of the most important unwritten rules in their traditions meant they had to look out for one another, always. Aboriginal Law was never recorded, not in documents, not in permanent records.

None of us were taught Aboriginal history at school. Little of it had been written down, and what was written, was mostly by outsiders that, however well meaning, failed to understand the spirit of our law.

Would anyone observing an Aboriginal tradition understand the love and respect that we have for each other? Or the pull that the land exerts on us. Or the bafflement we feel when observing the
bewildering ways of modern Australia.

While anthropologists might have recorded the physical way that we expressed our traditions, be it by Thirra or Kirri or traditional paintings etc, they failed to appreciate and understand why we did it and what it means to our people.

Kuru-Kuru – people • Thirra – songs • Kirri – dance


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